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The Do's and Don'ts of Donating to TFS

Donating unwanted clothing, accessories and/or shoes can beneficial for you and the recipient of the donations. If you are considering donating unwanted business clothing (i.e., suits, pants, blouses, etc.), please consider donating to support the mission of Tailored for Success, Inc. TFS is a workforce development agency that distributes free business clothing and accessories to job seekers who have completed our job readiness training programs.

Clothing donations are accepted from the general public “by appointment” only and through corporate clothing drives. Here are some quick guidelines as to what you should and should not do when donating to TFS.


bring in clothes on hangers or neatly packaged in a box. It is always preferable that donations are given in a neat and orderly fashion. Placing clothing on hangers or nicely folded in a box will make the donation process easier and keep the clothes organized and clean.


place donations for TFS in any type of garbage bag. Over the years, we have found that clothing in bags presents many problems for our volunteers as well as poses a health hazard. TFS will only accept clothing that is wearable and in clean condition as the cost to mend, repair or dry-clean items would take away from other programs.


donate new clothing with tags. New and current clothing is preferable as there is no need for repairs or additional cleaning. Our mission is to boost the self-esteem of job seekers and what better way than to give them new clothing. When a job seeker receives a new item of clothing and/or accessory it is always a bonus and the smile on their face demonstrates their gratitude.


donate unwanted and damaged clothing – we are not a general clothing distribution agency. We strive to give the highest quality clothing to every job seeker who comes to us for services. Therefore, if you would not wear it, neither would they.

Please remember, all donated clothing must be in good condition (i.e., no rips, stains or missing buttons), contemporary, dry cleaned, on hangers or folded neatly in boxes or shopping bags and in the current season. Any other used or unwanted clothing donations you have should be donated to a local clothing donation agency.

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