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Career Literacy

Build Your Image/Build Your Self-Esteem
Serving At-risk Youth

This is a series of self-esteem and self-confidence building workshops for teens that focus on four areas: personal presentation (as it relates to the workplace), nutrition/exercise, job readiness, business etiquette and conflict resolution.

Bridge to Success Program
Creating a Bridge to Opportunity

This program is a free four week interactive professional development program. The program consists of a series of career building workshops, job placement assistance, technical skill training, career coaching and clothing assistance.

Career Development Workshops
Giving clients the skills they need to succeed

This post-employment support program focuses on helping individuals retain and advance within their careers to achieve economic self-sufficiency. The program is comprised of case management, soft skill training (i.e., time management, basic money management, and business communication) and conflict resolution.

Business Suit & Career Clothing Program
A New Look. A New Career. A New Future

Studies show that self-esteem is tied to how a person feels about their appearance and more importantly how they perceive others feel about their appearance. Unfortunately, for our clients who struggle to make ends meet having the luxury of buying a “business suit” to improve their professional appearance for interviewing is not an option.
Oftentimes, clients will go to interviews in clothes too casual for interviewing (i.e., slacks and sweaters or shirts) and are typically unprepared to perform well in the interview. For example, many clients do not understand the importance of researching a company, preparing for tough interview questions and proper follow-up procedures - this is where Tailored For Success comes in!.

We prepare our clients for interviews that can affectively change their lives and the lives of their families. Clients are provided with appropriate business clothes to increase their self-esteem, given instruction on proper interview techniques and empowered to believe that they can succeed. Clients are served individually in an actual retail boutique by appointment only. This allows us to work one on one with each client and to access her needs. Typically, each client receives the following free services:

  • An Interview Wardrobe

  • To help clients make a positive first impression
    - Two suits and related accessories

  • A Working Wardrobe

  • To start her job off right
    - A week’s worth of coordinating clothing

  • Informative handouts

  • - personal grooming and interview techniques

  • One hour of free professional image consulting
  • - With a trained volunteer in an actual retail store

  • Opportunities to participate in career literacy workshops

It is through this individualized approach to serving clients; we are able to spend quality time with each client to tailor our services to her unique needs.